Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • Edgewood Financial Network is a national “client focused” Financial Professionals Group.
  • We endeavor to establish and foster long-term relationships through integrity, knowledge and service.
  • We strive to deliver quality products and services to financial professionals for distribution to the public.
  • We help increase the effectiveness of our business through expertise and innovation.
  • We prosper by contributing to the success of our Financial Professionals, Clients, Providers and Employees.

Our Vision

All of our representatives are private business owners building their own unique brands in the communities in which they practice. Whether they are a second generation practice, one that has been around for a decade or more, or a newly formed practice beginning to build their brand; the primary ingredient to success is a strong foundation. That foundation is comprised of a clear vision, financial responsibility, disciplined business practices and moral integrity. With roots going as far back as 1982, Edgewood Financial Network strongly adheres to and is guided by these core principles. As a member of the Edgewood Financial Network you can utilize our experienced staff, the resources and business-building expertise of its leaders to leverage your own talents to build an extraordinary business.